Monday, September 19, 2016

No One Ever Told Me
By Loureva Slade

No one ever told me that loving him didn’t necessarily mean that he would love me back
Or that it would take true love a while to erase the heartache caused by those before

No one ever told me that I wouldn’t be able to protect them from all of life’s bumps and bruises
Or that they could seem so much like me that it would be hard to let them grow into themselves

No one ever told me that I could be angry enough to say things I would later live to regret
Or that for whatever reason, at times my best intentions would be seen as so much less

No one ever told me that our religious beliefs could put a strain on our friendship
Or that I would think of you all these years later and wonder if you ever came to know the One I love so much

No one ever told me that my being kind didn’t necessarily mean that I would be treated with respect
Or that walking away from “good things” would sometimes be necessary to lead me to “great things”

No one ever told me that I would have to work so hard to achieve my goals
Or that I would often struggle not to give up along the way

No one ever told me that others might not always be able to see my vision
Or that I might have to believe in myself enough to keep pressing on anyhow

No one ever told me that God would sometimes say no to the things I asked (and often begged) for
Or that I would have to learn to fully trust Him for my sustenance and strength

No one ever told me that experiencing death would make me look at life completely differently
Or that years later I would still think about them every single hour of every single day

No one ever told me that my many quirks are what make me special
Or that I would sometimes feel different than others because God set me apart

No one ever told me that happiness is an inside job
Or that as long as I looked for it outside of my Creator I would be waiting on invisible buses

And it made me so mad to think about all the things that no one ever told me
Until I realized that quite possibly, quite a few had told me in various ways on multiple occasions


I just didn’t listen
Because I didn’t like what they had to say

Perhaps I was just stubborn
Or one of those people who needed to live it to learn it

Either way I’m happy that now I know.
I understand. I have grown.

And I’m thankful for who I have become
because of all the things
I thought 
no one ever told me.

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