Friday, August 20, 2010

For My Daughters

God made you beautiful. He blessed you with amazing skin, captivating eyes, luxurious hair, and all the other things that make up “stunning good looks.” He fashioned you in His image and when He was finished He said, “It is good.”

Don’t ever allow yourselves to get caught up in society’s ideals of “beauty” captured in airbrushed images in magazines or by made up celebrities on television. You’d be surprised by the illusions a camera and some make up can create. Short people appear taller, skinny people appear thicker, old people appear younger. It is very deceiving. Some people look in the mirror, frown at what they see because it is so different than what is in the media, and turn to plastic surgery, unhealthy diets, and other unnatural means to alter their images. I pray this is never an issue for you.

Don’t allow the enemy to trick you into feeling insecure about the beautiful masterpiece God created you to be. The color of your skin, the color of your hair, the curve of your hips, the reach of your arms, the length of your legs—all of those things were determined by the Master before the beginning of time. He doesn’t make any mistakes, so there’s no way your lips are too big, or your hair too nappy, or your ears too pointy. You are just as you were meant to be. Stunning. Gorgeous. Uniquely beautiful, YOU!

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