Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Things That Make Her Happy

She doesn’t care anything about a day at the nail spa or relaxing at Burke Williams.

She’s not interested in dinner at a fancy restaurant.

She will probably fall asleep in the latest action movie.

She couldn’t care less about shopping sprees at the ritziest establishments.

Trips around the world don’t excite her anymore.

She will attend a musical, but she won’t care to understand it.

You can shower her with gifts but she’ll tell you to take them back if they cost too much.

It was when I figured this out that I was finally able to love her in her language.

An hour at a thrift store or flea market is exciting for her.

Spending time with her sister in North Carolina is relaxing to her.

Sitting at the kitchen table and having a conversation about roses means the world to her.

Playing a game of Trouble or sharing ice cream with her girls makes her feel special.

A lightly-seasoned home-cooked meal is her thing and she will brag about how great it tastes.

A thirty minute conversation with her oldest daughter or her only son makes her day complete.

An entire day outside selling goods at a yard-sale is exhilarating.

Washing her hair or oiling her scalp is the best way to pamper her!

A kind word from her husband makes her smile on the inside.

Taking inventory of her trinkets, polishing her silver, reading the first chapters of a book, taking notes in shorthand, dancing to her own off-key singing, clipping coupons, baking a home-made cake…

These are simple things and they are what matter most.

These are all the things that make her happy.

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  1. I love how I automatically know who you are talking about. She is one of the most beautiful women that I have met in my lifetime. Mostly because all of the things that you listed.