Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Revival of the Soul

Revival of the Soul started off as a short story. I wrote it for a narrative class in college sometime before 2003. After graduation I took a theatre class at West L.A., where the final exam was to perform a short scene. The teacher gave the option of writing a short scene for other students to act out to those who preferred not to perform. I was one of the latter. I decided to turn a portion of Revival of the Soul into a short scene and it was performed by two of my fellow students--who did an amazing job, if I may say so!

At the time I wrote R.O.S., I had never experienced the loss of a parent. Ironically, when both my mother and father passed away during the latter part of last year, the short scene I had written ten years earlier really ministered to me. God knows I loved my mom and dad so much. They accepted me for who I was and loved me unconditionally. It hurt so much to imagine life without them, and yet it hurt even more to see them in pain.

I am so thankful to God for walking with me and comforting me during the most difficult time of my short life. I am still learning how to walk by faith, how to trust in Him, how to really turn all my hurt, and pain over to Him, and how to hear Him when He speaks...

I thank God for the things He has revealed to me about life, death, love, His love for me, and my purpose here on earth. I don't know that I would have slowed down nor quieted down long enough to open my eyes and ears to the things He had for me had things happened any differently.  
Check out this link for a copy of my short play Revival of the Soul (in its entirety).  I hope you enjoy.

Monday, March 4, 2013

In Him

As I walk in the garden, I feel a gentle breeze
I kneel down and thank the Lord for supplying all my needs
When surrounded by placidity I always feel so blessed

I’m able to talk with my Father and get everything off my chest

I exhale all my troubles and inhale the peace He gives
I’m honored to share this time with Him because of who He is
He’s my creator, my provider, my rock, my every thing
And I love who I am because of Him

I’m confident in His presence—where I feel His pure affection
He renews my heart and mind and I humbly follow His direction
I’m overjoyed to know that He delights to be with me
And thankful for the opportunity to know Him intimately
I exhale all my insecurities and inhale the assurance He gives
I’m honored to share this time with Him because of who He is
He’s my answer, my restorer, my comforter, my very best friend
And I love who I am in Him