Tuesday, December 23, 2014

by Loureva Slade

Those who really know me, know that I am very silly.  I love to laugh and have a good time.  (Even when I’m at home by myself, my silly thoughts keep me quite entertained.)

Anyway, the other day, I got an idea.  I put on my partial wig (that I bought for $20) and an outfit that I have never worn outside of my home and I had my daughter take some pictures of me.

I felt like a superstar.  A diva.  A vixen.  A No Limit Soldier “Hot Gurl.”

I was “on one.” 

“Take 20 more pictures, Amari,” I ordered, “And get a few close-ups.”  I put on sunglasses and took them off.  I threw on my favorite hat and took it off.  Outside it was raining, but inside my hallway it was a hot summer day.

I’m sure my daughter was shaking her head (on the inside), but she snapped away.

My husband, who’s used to my shenanigans, looked at my photographer and me and shook his head. 

When my “shoot” was over, my thoughts turned serious.

It is fun to dress up.  It is fun to throw on a wig or sew in a weave and get your nails and makeup done.  It is fun to glue on some lashes or put in some contacts and bat your eyes like it’s nobody’s business.  It’s fun to put on some cute shoes and a “hot” outfit and walk out the house feeling fabulous.  But my hope for myself is that I never become so addicted to additions that when I take those things off I don’t recognize or like the me that remains.

I’ve seen it happen to so many women.  They take out the weave that gave them confidence and don’t recognize themselves.  The compliments and attention stop and their self-esteem takes a major hit.

I’ve seen young ladies refuse to leave their homes without makeup because they don’t feel pretty unless they have it on.

I, myself, have been the girl who thought name brand clothes made me look better.  I didn’t broadcast it, but back in the day I spent way more money than I should have because there was something about knowing how much an outfit cost that made me feel fly.

Oh, and I can’t forget the add-a-size bras.  I never left home without one on because I was embarrassed of my size A’s.

And that is a shame.

Our confidence should never be wrapped up in what we have on, or how we wear our hair, or whether we have on makeup.  You have to know and believe that you are a “Designer’s Original” because the almighty God created you in His image.  You are stunningly gorgeous regardless of what you wear.  You are absolutely beautiful regardless of the length or texture of your hair.  You are hot stuff with or without makeup or a push up bra.  You are truly a work of art—a masterpiece.

I hope you are able to see the heart of what I’m saying.  Enjoy yourself.  Switch things up.  Dress up.  Have fun.  Smile like you love life.  Live it up!  But please make sure you recognize and love the woman underneath it all.  She is beautiful…She is YOU.